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Reversible Leather Belt for Men - Adjustable Size (brown & black)
  • Reversible Leather Belt for Men - Adjustable Size (brown & black)

    • REVERSIBLE BUCKLE: One men’s belt but two styles! With the reversible buckle you can enjoy two colours (black and brown) and you only have to buy one belt. This belt is suitable for different occasions, from casual to formal to meet your needs at all times
    • REMOVABLE BUCKLE FOR REDUCING SIZE OF BELT WHERE REQUIRED: It is simple and easy to remove the buckle and cut the belt down to the required size (see image for details)
    • ONE SIZE ONLY: Don’t worry about buying the wrong size – this belt only comes in one size so you can simply remove the buckle as instructed and cut the belt if it is too long. The belt has five holes pre-punched into it
    • 100% GENUINE LEATHER: Designed from 100% genuine leather, this belt for men is classic and highly durable, tough and not easy to break. The buckle is made from aluminium alloy, durable, sturdy, not easily scratched
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