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Cork Vegan RFID Blocking Men's Wallet with Detachable Card Holder
  • Cork Vegan RFID Blocking Men's Wallet with Detachable Card Holder

    • Are you a vegan or just environmentally aware? This classy, unique, environmentally friendly men’s wallet is made 100% from cork - the sustainable alternative to animal leather. Cork is as strong as high quality leather, it feels great and is soft to touch, yet is sturdy and durable despite being very light. It is made from cork harvested from tree shavings taken from the outer bark from live trees – the trees are not cut down – making this genuine sustainable resource


    • A perfect gift for a vegan, vegetarian, environmentalist or animal rights supporter, this wallet has a unique look and feel, and boasts seven credit card slots, a photo ID pocket, three additional pockets (for more cards, receipts etc), two separated compartments for paper money and a coin pocket. The wallet will be shipped to you in a reusable product bag, making it ready to give as a gift. RRP (on card inside wallet) is £39.99 and it is sold for this price on the Rallegra website



    • Worried about digital ID theft? This wallet is equipped with advanced RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) blocking technology, a unique metal composite which blocks 13.56Mhz or higher RFID signals and protects your identity and credit card information against unauthorised scans of your smart technology and microchipped credit/debit cards. RFID blocking is an absolute MUST in today's high-tech environment


    • Renewable and sustainable, this men’s wallet is water resistant (against splashes, not to be taken swimming!), fire resistant, stain resistant and anti-microbial. No two cork layers will never be the same so your vegan friendly wallet will always be unique and special. Wallet dimensions are: 11.7cm / 9.3cm / 2.5cm when closed (main wallet) and 10cm x 7.5cm (detachable card holder part) , and it weighs just under 50g when empty



    • Do you like to ‘travel light’ on a night out but need to carry more with you during the working week? This wallet is for you! It combines a traditional wallet (coin pocket, two note pockets, seven card slots) with a super-slim card holder, as one part of the wallet is removable – leaving you with a super slim folding card holder for four cards, one photo ID and a pocket for paper money or another card. When you want to ‘travel light’ just detatch this part and slot it back into the main wallet when you return – see the pictures for more details
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