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32 Inch Extra Large Foldaway Wheeled Holdall Expandable Cargo Duffle Bag
  • 32 Inch Extra Large Foldaway Wheeled Holdall Expandable Cargo Duffle Bag

    Do you have limited space for storing empty bags? Do you often fly abroad and only take items/bring them back, meaning that you don’t need to carry (or wheel) a large case or duffle both ways? Do you want to save money and time by only checking in luggage one way? If so, this bag is for you!


    This bag is an interesting take on the traditional duffle bag design. Most people don't need to use a duffle bag all the time and will find they take up space when not in use, or they end up getting damaged by being bent out of shape to be stored away. Here you have a very large and durable duffle bag on wheels that folds and zips into a small, carry-able portable bag.


    This duffel bag is made with quality and design in mind. It is big, yet it weighs a lot less than a suitcase. The bag folds into itself and zips neatly up for easy storage. The materials used are very durable with strong zips and stitching. There is a shoulder strap and a padded, velcro-fastened hand grip. The front of the bag features a large pocket and there is a webbed zipped pocket on the opposite end to the wheels. When the wheels are in use, a grab-handle is used to pull the bag along.


    Perfect as an extra shopping and souvenir bag or for storing sports gear, this bag folds up super small to: 15 x 32 x 32 cm perfect for easy storing, and taking with you as an extra ‘Just-In Case’ bag. When fully open it is 80 x 32 32 cm and can hold 80 litres inside it. The bag weighs just 1.20KG so it can be carried inside another suitcase or bag when closed and stored away.


    GET THE SPACE OF A LARGE SUITCASE WITHOUT THE BULK AND WEIGHT - Unfold at the airport to avoid excess baggage charges, or carry ‘just in case’ in the event of you over-packing or finding your suitcase damaged… always take one with you on any trip or travel! Durable and high quality, this is a bag that everyone should own! Fold it inside your carry bag and be prepared for anything…it is a travel essential you shouldn't leave without!

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