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Over 70 years of experience - The Story of Bon Goût


Bon Goût - meaning 'good taste' - was founded by Erik Guttermann in 1945 in Copenhagen, Denmark, as a designer and manufacturer of women's bags.


Over the next few years, the Bon Goût brand became synonymous with high quality products across Denmark and parts of Scandinavia. The company grew and employed a large number of staff, outgrowing their original premises. In 1967, the Bon Goût group relocated to a smart new building in Glostrup, Copenhagen. The new premises allowed for increased production, product lines and numbers of designers.


During the 1990s, Erik relocated some and then all of the manufacturing to China and India, with the focus in Copenhagen becoming product design, distribution, sales and warehousing.

In 1993, Bon Goût was awarded the prestigious Royal Warrant of Denmark, allowing the company to use the Royal Warrant on all product packaging, marketing and other materials. The KGL. Royal Warrant of Her Majesty Margrethe II, Queen of Denmark, is only held by a small number of companies and acts as a testement to the holder's quality, integrity and longevity.












Below - Mr and Mrs Erik Guttermann meet Her Majesty Margrethe II and Henrik, Prince Consort of Denmark:
















In 2002, Erik stood down from Bon Goût, passing the baton to his son Jan, who is Managing Director to this day. As a result, Bon Goût ApS was founded and Jan built a young but experienced management team around him, headed by Eli Katzenstein and Christian Arrildt, both of whom were senior employees at Bon Goût under Erik's tenure.


Today, Bon Goût is the largest producer of travel goods and suitcases in Denmark, and their ambition remains, as always, to provide a large range of quality products for a variety of customers, manufactured in design quality that would make Erik and the founders of Bon Goût proud.













Bon Goût's premises in Copenhagen                                                    One of the Bon Goût stores in Illum, DK


Now based at a smart industrial warehouse in Vallensbæk, Copenhagen, Bon Goût delivers a comprehensive range of fashion bags and wallets in a variety of leather sold mostly through their stores and concession stands in department stores throughout Denmark, including in the Illum Mall, Copenhagen, the largest department store in Denmark. The product range has expanded considerably and includes several travel series in both hard- and soft shell trolleys, leather briefcases, pilot bags, tool bags, laptop bags, iPad skins, school bags and more.


In 2016, Jan decided to set up Rallegra Ltd, a new business based in the UK that is focused on selling Bon Goût products online, giving Bon Goût a greater European presence.  Jan has significant involvement in Rallegra's activities as a director and chairman of the company.


'Rallegra' is an Italian word that translates as "brightens, exults, joys and rejoices". We chose Rallegra as a name for the UK business as we sincerely hope that our products will bring joy and reason to rejoice to our customers.


If you require further information on Bon Goût or Rallegra Ltd please use the contact page, email or call us on +44 (0)1707 397 602.


If you would like to view a complete list of all Bon Goût products, including ones that Rallegra are not currently stocking in the UK, please visit


All products on the Bon Goût website can be imported by Rallegra and sold to UK customer as we ship products from Bon Goût every week. Please contact Rallegra (details above) for pricing and further information on these products.




Queen of Denmark meeting Mr and Mrs Erik Guttermann of Bon Gout
The Prince Consort of Denmark meeting Mr and Mrs Erik Guttermann of Bon Gout
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